You never have to figure anything out again!

I wanted to write to share something really special that’s been lighting up my life this week….I dearly hope that receiving it will light up your life, starting right now!

I had a beautiful conversation with my coach recently that helped me to remember who I am….that reconnected me to TRUTH. (This is why I will have a coach for the rest of my life – while it flows easily for me to help my clients find their own truth, it’s not always so easy to do that for myself. It’s such a huge blessing to have that support!)

Here’s the TRUTH I was re-awakened to this week….are you ready?

I don’t have to figure anything out. You don’t have to figure anything out.

This bears repeating: We don’t have to figure anything out!!

Trying to figure it out and get it right and all of that is a colossal waste of time and energy, because we’re not in charge. However you might express it, there is a divine force that is running this show.

This is what I got:

THE BEST way we can use our time and energy is to clear away any of the ‘junk’ that keeps us from accessing the divine flow. Then, we are available to receive divine guidance and to take action from that place.

That’s it! What a relief – how relaxing! We can quit twisting ourselves up in knots trying to figure it all out, and instead focus on doing all we can to be open to let divine guidance live through us.

So if you’re struggling to figure it out, “fix” some “problem” (problems, from what I can tell, are just our human code word for what are in fact great opportunities), or anything like that, please try this today: give it over to the divine – whatever that means to you.

Pray, meditate, ask for support and guidance, and then trust what you receive. You don’t have to figure any of it out, and you can’t get it wrong.

Your job is just to be as clear and open a vessel as possible for the divine guidance to flow through, and then take action from that space. If you get information that says you need to course correct at some point, then do that. (Another fun part of this that I got clear about this week – the practices in the Bring on the Joy! book do just that – they clear us out so that divine guidance can flow through!)

This week, after doing some of my favorite daily joy practices – meditating, singing, and joyfully moving my body – I have been starting my work day like this: I sit down and ask for guidance about how my life force energy can be utilized for the highest good in this day. The information that I receive then guides the priorities of my day. It’s incredibly fun, and deeply relaxing!

This awareness feels like a precious, sacred and beautiful young seedling that I’ll be committed to nurturing in the weeks and months to come. Thanks so much for letting me share it with you today. It is my dearest wish that it will bring you tremendous joy, ease and relaxation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Have you had experiences of letting the divine flow guide your life? Do you have some doubts or fears arising about how to do this? Is your inner critic telling you this sounds awfully woo-woo and you’d better stay in the land where it twists you up in knots – (for your own good, of course?!) What practices do you do in your life to help you clear away the ‘junk’ and allow divine guidance to flow through?

Please post a comment below. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and ideas, and please let me know if I can be of service to you in any way.

To your joy, today and always,


4 thoughts on “You never have to figure anything out again!”

  1. It’s funny, I teach my clients to follow their intuition when knowing what tasks and priorities to start working with, but have been struggling with that myself this past week or so. I’m afraid that I’ve taken on too much and feel overloaded…and not knowing where to start. I have an intense fear of failure and not doing things just perfectly. I have to remember to step away from myself…I actually try to visualize looking in on myself to gain an outside perspective. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 🙂 Usually though, I see something I missed when so immersed with myself. Thank you Jen for admitting your own truth struggles and letting some of us know we can’t always have things just as we want…AND that it’s okay.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Jessica! Wishing you many ever deepening opportunities to connect with your intuitive knowing….

  2. I enjoyed reading your suggestions. I have recently started meditating but I find “letting go”

    1. Hi, Josefina…Me, too! I think it’s a good sign that you’re a normal human being if you find letting go challenging. 🙂 And, it’s a practice you can cultivate step by step. Try letting go with something small – let someone else choose the next place you go out to eat, perhaps, and just notice what comes up with that….nothing wrong or bad about whatever you notice, just interesting to observe.

      Best wishes, and keep me posted!

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