Claim today as a day of love, your way!

What’s your experience of Valentine’s Day?

–>Maybe you don’t have a romantic partner today,
and if you see one more candy heart or bouquet, you
may be sick to your stomach

–>Maybe you do have a romantic partner, but they are
falling rather short of being that loving Valentine you

–>Maybe your Valentine’s day is unfolding perfectly

Whatever your experience, you can CHOOSE what you want
from this day.

Let’s just reclaim it, today, once and for all – a day to give and
receive LOVE! Whatever the heck that means to you – quit watching
the commercials and the junk about how it is “supposed to be” – and
choose to make this a day of LOVE in just the way YOU want!

Whether you suspect Hallmark created this holiday to stimulate sales
or not!, the fact is that we do have lots of reminders all day long to be in
LOVE…so use that to your advantage!


One of my favorite teachers once wrote that when we really pay
attention to nature, in a gentle breeze we can see that all of the
trees and plants are waving at us! Get out for even a quick walk
around the block today and really notice the shapes and silhouettes
of trees. Feel the sun on your face. Feel that you are loved, deeply
by source, spirit, God, the Beloved. Receive this love!


The world will not in fact end if you stop to have a really nourishing
meal, a deep delicious inhale and exhale, go to that class you never
get to, take that walk in the place you love, soak in a bath with a
magazine, have a cup of your favorite tea…give yourself some
serious lovin’!! It’s not selfish…you are a gift to the world when
you take even a bit of time to love on you!

It really seems to me that spirit wants us to live in love, giving
and receiving, to ourselves and others, all of the time. Don’t ya


Take a page from James Taylor and shower someone with love
today….your four legged love, a two legged love, a friend or family
member you really miss connecting with, a homeless person
on the street….let today be an excuse to just go all out in love!!!


Take the LOVE challenge……

Comment below to share how you’re claiming today as a day of LOVE…in
just the way you choose to express that – you can’t do it wrong!
Share a few
words of how you’re lovin’ on you and others.

I’ll pick one LOVELY soul at random and email them to share their
Day of Love Any Way You Choose prize!

Sending you SO much JOY and LOVE, today and always,


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15 thoughts on “Claim today as a day of love, your way!”

  1. – just sharing the bliss & joy of love all over the place today.
    posted on Facebook – “oh yes, our hearts do need people to love!”

    gave my sons and husband a short note of love & a medium hershey’s kiss on their pillows for bed-time.

    it is nice to know you are loved – so we must show love so it comes back to us!

    happy valentine’s day!

    1. Angie – Thanks for sharing….love the note and chocolate on the pillows, the Facebook post, and above all your great energy that you are out there just sharing the bliss and joy of love all over the place! Go, Angie!!

  2. My partner and I decided that, although we both love getting presents (no austere, false modesty in our house!), today we are skipping the gift-giving and putting the cash into our “new furniture” fund for our new home.

    We’ll spend the evening together, volunteering at our favorite animal shelter b/c, really, there’s no easier place for us to spread our love than to all the unwanted but much beloved kitties we care for on Monday nights. 😉

    1. Beautiful! What a great way to share love – you two-leggeds lovin on those furry four-leggeds…And, you’ll love that furniture down the road, eh? 🙂

  3. I paid for a hike through a part of the rainforest in rio dulce, on lake izabel. I had to stop and remind myself to open up to this man (our guide) who was about to lead me for 3 hours. Turns out he’s quite the soul, starting a seed bank, reforesting his own few acres, and is 67. We talked about the future of the heart of the earth, the challenges, and the hope and vision of a better new earth where we enable the creativity to flow from each person’s hands to solve tomorrow’s problems. Now I’m petting the hotel cat who is challenging me to stop writing this comment…

  4. spent a LOVEly day randomly enjoying everything and everyone I encountered….loving myself LOTS ,and the cat and the little boy next door and mama nature….

    how blesses we are
    om shanti, shanti , shanti..

  5. Jen, I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful message about claiming our own versions of love today. A very necessary message in the midst of so many images of the way we should feel/be/have. My own celebration of love today centers on my devotion to being present for everyone I come into contact with. I want to give the gift of my undivided attention.


    1. Beautiful, Sherry…Your post reminds me of a favorite quote:

      The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.
      – Richard Moss

      Thanks for sharing the love!

  6. A day of love!! Making wellness waffles for my boys (my husband and son) who are both under the weather…going for a walk to breathe in the spring-time-like air (it was in the upper 60s here!!)….oohh the breeze! The trees are definitely waving at us!

    Mason stomped in leaves for the first time! 🙂 And now he’s sweetly nursing to sleep. My day was filled with love!!

  7. I know it’s 10 days after Valentine’s Day. I skimmed over your email and saved it because it was a wonderful reminder of self-love. I just read the whole message today. Thank you so much. I cherish your message.

  8. Thank you for taking time to write and share this, Parnee. I’m so grateful for your sharing and grateful that the message really resonated for you….

    Wishing you many blessings of love, today and always!

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