What Do You Love About This Present Moment?

That’s one of my favorite questions to ask myself
when I realize I’m feeling tense or stressed.

Breathe in and SIGH it out.

Yes! And do that again….

Breathe in deeply, and sigh out fully.

What do YOU love about this present moment?

Post it here – I’d love to hear about it and share the
good vibes together!

Love, joy and blessings,


13 thoughts on “What Do You Love About This Present Moment?”

  1. What I love about this moment: In the midst of an inbox chock full of junk and distractions, there are jewels like this — reminders to be here now. Thanks for that!

  2. What I love about this present moment is the sun shining through the window on my desk as I am sitting down to write. Beautiful music playing in the background as I get ready for the exciting adventure of writing to take me somewhere new. namaste~

  3. What I love about this moment…cuddling with my sweet son while he naps 🙂 I’m so amazed that he can sleep through the noise of the chainsaws cutting down a (dead) tree next to our house!

  4. In this moment I love the scent of the ocean air, the gentle breeze and the deep warming of the sun! Thank you for helping me to pause and take notice!

  5. Being able to see the tops of the trees in Central Park from my office window in midtown Manhattan. Even though the trees are gray and bare, they represent that precious piece of nature in the middle of NYC. Also the weather today is amazingly mild, for March, and the air smells like Spring!

  6. What I love in this moment is the quiet around me and the food I have available to nourish me. And, reminders to be mindful. Thank you, Jen!

  7. Ooh, I’m falling in love with each present moment as I read each of your comments! Thanks so very much for everything being shared!

  8. What I love about his moment~The smile that blesses my lips and my whole being feeling that everything is good!

  9. Hi, Jen! I’ll number what I love about this present moment. 1) I love that you are still in touch w/me, 2) I love dark greens, so I’m sauteeing collard greens, and I seasoned them w/nutmeg and soul seasoning, and garlic and sauteed an onion first, yum! 3) I’m smiling because I had time to look at our garden, we have a cold frame, so we have oregano still looking beautiful, 4) I love college sports, so in this moment I’m so happy that March Madness starts this week! Yes! Go, Temple! Go, Owls! 5) I love that I had an issue w/Dish network and I didn’t complain, or whine, I told them what I needed and they worked w/me! 6) I love this moment because my school day is done and students were really kind and dilligent and really helped each other today. That makes me smile. 7) I love this moment because I can close my eyes and just see the look on my grandson’s face-he didn’t know we were visiting on Sat., the day before his birthday! Talk about joy! Yes! Yippee! Real joy!

  10. One of my daughters is sitting next to me–peacefully! She just smiled at me when she caught me looking at her. Heart is so full.

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