About Jen Yost

Jen Yost, MS Ed is a Certified Life Coach, Business Coach, yoga instructor, and passionate student of joy. She is on a mission to help as many people as possible light up their lives with joy during her journey on this earth!

Jen helps her clients:

=>Find more joy, wellbeing, purpose and peace

And achieve important goals like:

=>Start or grow a business

=>Find work they love

=>Find (and keep!) a rewarding relationship

=> Write a book

=> Create or deepen connection to spirituality

Jen draws on her years of education and experience as a counselor, coach, yogini, and meditator to help her share tools for joyful living with her students and clients. Her own experiences with depression and anxiety have provided a living laboratory for her to refine the practices of joy she shares in her work.

Jen shares her life with her amazing husband Dave, her three joy instructors in feline bodies (Nala, Cerwin and Scamper), and family and friends in southern Pennsylvania. She loves nature, music, dancing, summer evenings, sparkles, Zen practice, the power of coaching to create change, and living life as fully and compassionately as possible.

Jen is committed to running her coaching business in an eco-friendly way, and gives a portion of all proceeds to charity.