Bring on the Joy Book

Bring on the Joy! How to Unleash the Power of Joy in Your Life

Fresh, fun and effective, this book is chock full of powerful practices to help you bring on the JOY in your life, starting right now! Distilling the best tools from ancient yogic practices, as well as coaching and counseling strategies, Bring on the Joy! offers surprising secrets to help you live a more joyful life.

An Exuberant Guide To Living A Radiant Life

Bring on the Joy! is an exuberant guide to living a radiant life. Jen Yost’s words sparkle. She makes sure there’s a smile waiting for you on every page – along with sage advice for refreshing body and mind, heart and soul. Jen, you rock!

– Lisa Sarasohn, author of The Woman’s Belly Book:Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure

Jump for Joy Guarantee

As you might imagine, I am very passionate about helping you to boost your joy in big ways. Whether you’re already a naturally happy person, or find yourself in life circumstances that are not feeling so joyful, regardless, this book will help you bring your joy and happiness to uncharted levels. If you read the book, try the practices and don’t experience even more joy, and have solid ideas about how to continue to bring on more and more joy in every day, I will refund your purchase and pay the cost for you to ship your book back to me.

Let the joy begin!

My Joy Meter Has Definitely Gone Way Up

I just finished reading Bring on the Joy! and my joy meter has definitely gone way up. Jen backs up her material with great quotes, personal stories, and easy-to-handle-with-out-getting-overwhelmed suggestions to help bring more joy into your life. Each chapter is like sitting down with a cup of tea and a good friend and looking at all the practical and fun ways to increase the joy in your life. It sure worked for me and I am using her techniques and suggestions daily!

-Karen Drucker author/speaker/ singer,

Exciting bonus!

As if the chance to find out once and for all how to light up your life with joy weren’t exciting enough, for a limited time there is also a special bonus for anyone who purchases Bring on the Joy! With your purchase of Bring on the Joy! in ebook or paperback format, you’ll also receive a free MP3 download of the song I Start My Day by widely popular, joyful and inspiring musician Karen Drucker, from her album Songs of the Spirit III.  This song is a perfect companion to Bring on the Joy! as it was written to set the tone for your day with love, joy and peace!

Motivated, No Judgment, Ready To Live My Best Life
Wow, Jen – just finished your book – I love it!  I feel like you understand me, you have been there, I’m not so alone, I’m safe with you.  You make me want to live my best life, and I feel like, OK, I can do this! There’s no judgment, this sounds like fun, I’m in! You motivate me to want to lead a happier life. And, your personal stories really invite me into your world and I see how you did it, how you found joy, and how joy is literally everywhere, so easily attainable and you make it feel easy and within reach. I am excited!!

I also really feel your readiness to be of service.  What I get from you is that you are the type of person that will be here for me and I feel your commitment to bring joy to all people.

I love all the research you have done on this, all your wide “sampling” from different traditions and people. It felt like you had traveled the world, collected all these treasures and then invited me into your home, pulled your treasure chest of wealth out from under your bed and joyously shared every morsel with me!!

Thank you, Jen!
Janet Archer, Elementary School Reading Teacher, Wife and Mother

Sharing Joy

One powerful way to begin amping up your joy immediately is to share joy! When you get your copy of Bring on the Joy!, you’ll not only be bringing joy to your life, but you can feel great knowing that you’re also bringing joy to others.

For every 100 books sold, funds will be donated to feed and educate a vulnerable child in Zambia for one year through the nonprofit Living Compassion Africa Vulnerable Children Project.  I have traveled to Zambia and seen for myself the amazing, high integrity work going on there. This program partners with and empowers a community of amazing people in Zambia to create a sustainable, joyful life for themselves and their children. I’ll keep everyone who purchases the book updated on how many children we’re able to assist!

Go for it – give and receive JOY! today!

Feeling Inspired, Clear, Joyful


I just got your book and I love, love, love it. I love your writing style: free, easy, inviting.  Dare I say joyful?

I’d like to order four more copies as gifts.  I belong to Toastmasters and am signed up to do a speech this coming Monday.  I have been challenged by what to speak on for five to seven minutes….Then I thought of your book and began to think….I know joy is contagious.  In order to give it away, I have to have it myself.

I have spent the last 40 minutes reading your book, and I started fleshing out some notes for my talk.  I am now inspired, clear and ready to go and give a great talk on Monday.

Thank you for being you and your work out in the world.

Cultivating joy, Vicki
Vicki Fox, Founder, Women of Intention

There Is No Better Gift To Give!

There is no better gift to give your family, your friends, and yourself than more joy! Jen Yost’s book will continue to sustain you and the people you love throughout the year. She helps us to realize that every day can be a celebration, even if you have only a few moments to take a deep breath and appreciate the small (but really not small at all!) pleasures of being alive. With her guidance, you’ll look forward to getting your daily dose of Vitamin J(oy)! This book makes it easy to incorporate happiness and celebration into your life, whether you have an afternoon to devote to an inspiring book, an hour for a great new yoga practice, or just a few minutes to appreciate, reflect, laugh. This isn’t one-size-fits-all advice – with humor and (com)passion, Jen helps us to figure out our own paths to more joyful lives.

-Cathy Carlson, Writer/Editor

Ultimate Support

Are you excited to get your copy of Bring on the Joy!, but also still wondering – “What about my specific life situation? I’d like some assistance with the unique questions and challenges I’m facing right now to me to help me find joy, or make an important change in my life.”

If that describes you, to celebrate the launch of Bring on the Joy! I’d like to extend a VERY special invitation to you:

Bring on the Joy! Premium Package

This special offer includes:

=>A copy of Bring on the Joy! shipped to you for free

=>Bonus Mp3 file of the joy-filled song “I Start My Day”

=>AND a forty-five minute Bring on the Joy! personal coaching session with me. You’ll have a chance to talk with me personally about the specific concerns and challenges you’re dealing with. We’ll work together to help you:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for ‘absolute joy’ so you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed, and what you need to do to make it happen
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to make changes that last or that are slowing down your progress

Click below to purchase Bring on the Joy! You deserve to live a fabulous, joy-filled life. Don’t delay!

To your joy,

Jen Yost, MS Ed
Certified Life Coach and Business Coach
Certified Yoga Instructor

P.S. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s Bring On Your Joy!

Bring On the Joy Now
Bring On the Joy Now
Price: $15.95
Bring On the Joy Now (PDF download)
Bring On the Joy Now (PDF download)

Price: $10.95


Bring On the Joy Now Premium Package
Bring On the Joy Now Premium Package

Price: $47.00


=>A copy of the Bring on The Joy! Soft Cover Book

=>Free shipping

=>A personal, one-on-one 45 minute Bring on The Joy! Coaching Session (via telephone) with Jen Yost, designed to help you:

    • Create a crystal clear vision for ‘absolute joy’ so you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed, and what you need to do to make it happen
    • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to make changes that last or that are slowing down your progress
    • Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally achieve the joy you seek – once and for all

An Amazing Value for only $47!