Milky way at night.

At Joyful Wellness, we believe that when you feel good, you have the energy to be a force for good…to be a kinder partner, friend, parent, coworker, to make a difference in our community, to go out and share a smile. We want to encourage you to take excellent care of yourself — because you are worth it, so that you can thrive, and through that thriving offer the crazy amazing unique gift of you to the world in the way that only you can offer it! 

Toward this end, every time you participate in one of our offerings, Joyful Wellness gives a percentage of proceeds to support causes working to make the world a better place. We are currently giving those funds to Big Brothers Big Sisters of York and Adams County. Jen Yost, our Director and Chief Joyful Wellness Spreader, is a Big Sister and has seen firsthand what a difference this program makes in our local community. 

So, come and participate in our wellness programs. Feel Good and Do Good with us and help us create a wellbeing movement that ripples out far and wide…into our homes, our workplaces, our community, and our world. We look forward to seeing you soon!