Jen proved to be a great sounding board, and with her holistic approach, she provided much wisdom not only in the area of business, but in personal growth and physical wellbeing as well. As a result, I was able to redefine my goals and move forward with confidence. I can honestly say that if you are looking for a quality life coach, Jen is a fabulous choice!
M. Bouman
When I read Jen’s book on JOY I knew I had to do something to find MY joy. I was burned out, over-stressed and tired. Once I contacted Jen, I never looked back. She gave me the direction and tools I needed to get back on track…I am now doing the things I love and serve me well. I would highly recommend Jen’s services!
Sue Joines
I was stuck in the wrong job, unhappy and uncertain of how to make a change. I made the great decision of hiring Jen and now I have shifted into a new career that suits my talents and fulfills me. Her support and guidance were just what I needed and I could not recommend her enough!
Angela Bigler
When I started working with Jen, I was working as an executive in healthcare, exceeding the expectations of my company, and yet I knew my heart longed for something more. With Jen’s unconditional support and tools I was able to determine what my stumbling blocks are and to find the courage to make changes. I now have more strength and courage than I ever thought possible. Jen has played such an integral role in my ability to transform my life. Thank you Jen! You are a gift to the world!
Erin Shrader
Jen’s coaching helped me take steps toward living my authentic life. I found the courage to leave an unfulfilling job that left me numb and didn’t express who I truly was. Jen’s loving support and insight helped me find self acceptance and the passion I thought I had lost.
Karen Dietrich